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Mogl app helps food lovers fight hunger

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Most people want to help when a crisis occurs. Think of how amazingly we pitched in as a country when Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake several years ago.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, we pulled out our wallets and donated cash. Some businesses even forked over GPS tracking, alarms, cameras, and other electronic systems to help make affected areas more secure.

Thanks to a new app, patrons of restaurants can now make a difference; this time, to fight hunger in local neighborhoods.

War Against Hunger

Mogl allows restaurant owners to empower their patrons to give food to those in need. By eating out at restaurants, the Mogl app donates food bank meals from participating restaurants.

The app works locally, so when people eat at a restaurant in Rhode Island a percentage of the money spent go toward a food bank meal within the state.

Mogl wants results to be felt locally. To become a participating restaurant, owners go to the app's website and sign up.

The app doubles as a patron loyalty program. Those who dine at participating restaurants receive 10 percent back on their purchase by tying a credit or debit card to their phone app.

According to founder Jon Carder, for every 20 cents donated through Mogl, one whole meal is donated to a food bank. By using the app on their phones, patrons of local restaurants can track how much they’ve spent, how much they’ve donated, and how much cash back they have earned.

How might the social venture affect a restaurant's brand and marketing efforts?

Participating restaurants are included in the app’s directory. Secondly, establishments are able to promote on their social channels that they are part of the fight against hunger.

600,000 Meals

Mogl has donated nearly 600,000 meals since its inception. Patrons have spent approximately $30 million in two years.

Hardcore fans, especially ones living in urban settings, only eat at Mogl restaurants. Bon appetit.