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Mogis confirmed in Born of the Gods

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In yesterday's Planeswalker's Guide to Born of the Gods, one of the pieces of art included was of a certain starfield-bearing Minotaur - crimson-faced and with flowing night-black hair and beard, carrying a huge battleaxe, wearing skull pauldrons, and with raging eyes. Now, besides being a cool piece of art, we knew from the start that this was definitely going on a creature of Nyx, and hence an enchantment - perhaps one of the Nyxborn the guide talked about. However, today we have confirmation that this is in fact the art for Mogis, the minor god of slaughter, who represents black and red.

As the Arcana article on by Trick Jarrett explains, Mogis is taking a knee in a field of tombstones - the site, as it were, of a battle he instigated.

Not only is this effectively proof that Mogis is one of the five multicolor Born of the Gods, well, gods, it also shows us something about the art choices for his brethren. Mogis is still obviously freaking huge, but isn't quite on the scale of the Theros Five - He appears on Theros as maybe fifty, sixty, or seventy feet tall, while Purphoros, God of the Forge dwarfs a volcano.