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MOGA controllers bring console quality precision to mobile phones and tablets

MOGA Pocket and MOGA Pro controllers
MOGA Pocket and MOGA Pro controllers

From smartphones to tablets, there's a plethora of devices that support mobile gaming, yet despite the recent leaps in processing power there's been one big drawback preventing gamers from fully embracing the experience: Unreliable on-screen controls. Enter MOGA's Pocket Controller and MOGA Pro. Both products provide an elegant solution for the gamer on the go, while allowing them to have a console-like experience in the palm of their hands.

MOGA Pro controller

The MOGA Pocket Controller fits easily into your pocket, making it easy to carry with you. It features dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers, and four action buttons. It can hold mobile devices (ie, your phone) that are up to 3.2 inches wide and has a battery life of 18 hours on just two AAA batteries - Far longer than the battery in your phone will last playing any game. It comes with a soft case to protect the controller while out and about.

Those looking for a definitive gameplay experience will want the MOGA Pro. Although it won't fit in your pocket, this bigger controller with more features can still easily accompany you in your purse or backpack. Unlike the MOGA Pocket Controller the Moga Pro boasts elevated and clickable dual analog sticks and shoulder bumpers along with a D-pad. There's also rubberized grips for added comfort in long game sessions. The MOGA Pro recharges via an included USB cable and also comes with a tablet stand.

Both controllers work via Bluetooth on Android 2.3+ devices and come with a free download of the MOGA Pivot app from Google Play, which has a ever growing list of "MOGA Enhanced" games.

The two MOGA controllers redefine mobile gaming, especially when you connect your phone or tablet to a television with an HDMI out. Because your fingers aren't utilizing on-screen controls there's more real-estate to feast your eyes on what's happening in any game. After playing "Dead Trigger" with the MOGA Pro for almost half an hour we forgot that it we were even playing a mobile game.

Both the MOGA Pocket Controller and MOGA Pro retail for $49.99.

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