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Moe's free Queso July 20th

Free? Yessir.
Free? Yessir.

Get into Moe's and get your free cup of queso! All day. This will be the second consecutive year Moe's is opening up its doors with the allure of free food. Not just any free food: their signature cheesy dip that sucks people in like the rolls at Logan's. Be forewarned, there are no promises of any free food to actually accompany the dip, so unless you plan on chugging your 6 oz ramekin of queso, you might need to buy something.

No matter what you get or when you go, it's sure to be an exciting day at Moe's, like any franchise giveaway promotion: crowded with demanding small children, starving college kids, and derelicts off the street. Give some credit to the Nashville PR folks who gently but persistently nagged me into providing some free publicity. Little did they know my readership consists strictly of my immediate family who live in other states.

Some of you may be wondering when, in a spotlight about Moe's, I'll actually get around to explaining what this restaurant is. Still a fledgling business of little more than a decade, the company is growing as rapidly as America's passion to not have to cook their own food. If you've never been there, let me paint the scene. Think Chipoltle or Qdoba, add a little more menu diversity, a slightly heavier American twist, the queso dip, and a playlist that comes solely from dead musicians. Voila! Enjoy the 20th!

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