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Modern warfare at Jaegerz Laser Tag

A view of the arena at Jaegerz Laser Tag
A view of the arena at Jaegerz Laser Tag

When looking for an out-of-the-ordinary fun activity to take part in Kansas City, look no further than Jaegerz Laser Tag. Jaegerz boasts some of the best laser tag equipment on the market due to the large amount of market research taken upon opening. The vests and phasers use light and sound to create a fully interactive experience for the user. The multiple speakers in your vest will let you know when you've been hit and let you know when you have successfully tagged another player. Your round of laser tag will take place in a 6,000 square foot , black-lit arena. Participants should consider wearing dark clothing to add to the challenge of the game. The arena is also filled with multiple ramps and obstacles giving players plenty of places to hide and await the perfect shot.

The game of laser tag is based around the idea of team gameplay in an attempt to score the most points possible. Points may be scored through successfully firing upon opposing teams or by stealthily entering another team's home base and firing upon several scoring targets ranging from 100 to 150 points. From time to time, players' weapons will alert them that they have entered a Bonus mode for points or that they have gained the ability to rapid fire their weapon. Players' handheld laser guns will keep them abreast on both the amount of ammo remaining and the number of lives the player has left before needing to return to their own base. Players will also need to work to defend their home territory from opposing teams. At Jaegerz, games run in ten minute intervals. At Jaegerz, up to twenty-eight people at a time may play.

Jaegerz Laser Tag is located at 9300 NE Underground Drive in Kansas City, MO 64161 near Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Prices vary depending upon the day of the week. On Monday through Thursday, players can play four games for $15 or one game for $6. On Friday through Thursday, players can play for the rate of three games for $15 or one for $6. Jaegerz also runs a "Midnight Rock" special on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm until midnight where players can play six games for $15. Contact Jaegerz Laser Tag at 816-452-5151 regarding Birthday parties or Private events and visit for additional information.