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Modern Warfare 2: Above the Laws of War

Over the past couple hundred years or so, several treaties were put in place in which most, if not all, countries try to adhere to during times of war. Treaties that lay the boundaries and guidelines with the general purpose of ensuring the war is fought in a manner akin to 'civilized interaction'. Because if you're going to kill someone, the least you can do is be friendly about it. The Hague Conventions (1899 & 1907), for example, were one of the first formal series of treaties and declarations to set international law on war and pertained to the rules of engagement dealing with: Laws and Customs of War on Land, Prohibiting Launching of Projectiles and Explosives from Balloons and On the Use of Bullets Which Expand or Flatten Easily in the Human Body, to name a few. Then of course there was the infamously known Geneva Convention, which alluded to the ethical treatment of PoWs, the sick and the dying. And while you do still hear stories of countries that do not adhere to the terms of said treaties, for the most part, it's an acceptable set of rules to which they generally comply.


The real conundrum is why do they comply? Who's going to spank them and send them to their rooms without dessert?  Who makes them follow the rules? How about honor? Or integrity, maybe. Pride? These are the ideals treaties are based on, and they work. They keep people from cheating, and it's admirable.


It's difficult to find this same display of integrity and honor in many of the players on Modern Warfare 2; and that's a shame. Within 12 hours of its release, MW2 was riddled with hackers. From AIM Bots that do the aiming and shooting for you and wall hacks that allow you to see an enemy player and shoot them through what is supposed to be 6 inches of cement, to 'ESP', a hack that allows you to know exactly which enemy is where on the map. All purchasable for 'one low payment of 20$ per month or 150$ for the year' (that's over 100$ off the retail price, my friends). Because when it's not degrading enough that you have to cheat in order to advance in the game, hacker sites sweeten the pot by allowing you to pay your hard earned money to do it. And those of you who went Prestige in less than a week of game play have just proven this point.


If you use hacks simply for the rights to say, 'I'm a winner', you're going to be the only one patting your back; because everyone else just considers you a wiener.


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