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Modern Times Beer opens North Park Flavordome

Modern Times Beer opens the new North Park Flavordome.
Modern Times Beer opens the new North Park Flavordome.
Don Ayres

The rapid growth of Modern Times Beer is truly inspiring to watch. In the nine months since they christened their Lomaland Fermentorium, CEO Jacob McKean and company managed to make’s list of best new breweries, double their capacity with another round of expansion coming this summer, and even host their first wedding. The latest step in Modern Times Beer’s expansion happened on Thursday when they threw open the doors to the North Park Flavordome, their new 30th Street tasting room.

Located on the ground floor of the new North Parker loft complex at the intersection of 30th and Upas streets, the North Park Flavordome is the latest resident of San Diego’s famed craft beer boulevard. “Seriously, 30th St. has a national reputation as a craft beer destination,” said McKeon in a January blog post. “This gives Modern Times a big, beautiful showcase right on it.”

The 1,624 square-foot space is a juxtaposition between modern and throwback styles. Two of the four walls are glass with the longer side facing 30th Street, and the shorter side looking out on the outdoor seating area. With the glass walls, and boxy shape, the space could have taken on the cold sterility of Modernist architecture, but the décor balances it out with plenty of whimsical warmth from the past.

While the bar at the Lomaland Fermentorium rests atop stacks of old books, the North Park Flavordome’s bar caps a pile of assorted VHS video cassettes. With titles ranging from “Wayne’s World” to “Children of the Corn,” it’s only a matter of time before you see patrons making bar bets on how many of the movies they’ve seen. If the VHS tapes weren’t enough whimsy, inverted lampshades adorn the ceiling as a constant reminder that you’re drinking in the Modern Times world.

The biggest eye-catching feature of Modern Times’ original location is the Post-it note mosaic of Michael Jackson and Bubbles. Since the Post-it note mosaic is so 2013, the North Park Flavordome features a mosaic of Yoda made up of 3,132 3.5” floppy discs. While it may be hard to see the Jedi Master from inside, the grizzled Clone War veteran’s visage is easy to make out from 30th Street as he watches over the mean streets of North Park. Floppy discs without the appropriate midi-chlorian count for a Jedi mosaic act as coasters for the wooden countertop.

Thursday’s opening of the North Park Flavordome was just a soft opening with a formal grand opening sometime in the coming weeks. Hours during the soft opening are from 12 – 10 p.m. throughout the weekend.

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