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Modern paint colors for your home


Benjamin Moore Paint 

The modern style of decorating is very minimalist, and you want your walls to be the same. There are so many colors out there to choose from but don’t be afraid to experiment to get the right look. Benjamin Moore has samples of paint that you can get to paint small sections of your walls, that way you can test as many colors as you like until you find the color that is just right.

In modern rooms you will typically find white as the main color on walls. White walls are predominant in this style, but by all means don’t let that stop you if you love color, do lots of experimenting there are lots of colors out there waiting for you. If you do like white use an off white paint, a good example would be Timid White and Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. Gray is also a frequently used color on walls in modern interiors. If you love color but still want to keep the space modern try adding a bold color on one wall, which could be used as your focal wall for some contrast. One great modern color that you can use for your focal wall is Black Satin by Benjamin Moore.

Remember to have fun it is your space, make it your own and there are no set rules for what colors you can and cannot use. Definitely check out the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer to get some inspiration for your space. They also have plenty of resources on their site to help you along the way.