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Modern landscaping ideas - Do them yourself for less

Building garden beds is so simple, even the grand-kids can do it.
Building garden beds is so simple, even the grand-kids can do it.
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Modern landscaping ideas are diverse. Water conservation is often a concern. Inexpensive or salvaged supplies can be used to duplicate pricier modern landscaping ideas. This makes contemporary landscaping such as water features and xeriscape rock gardens a more affordable option. Traditional landscaping is often incorporated into contemporary landscaping with conventional wisdom.

Water features

Contemporary landscaping is incomplete without a water feature. It seems every homeowner wants a fountain, pond or stream running through their yard. Most stores that carry yard and garden supplies will have inexpensive, do it yourself water feature kits for homeowners who can't afford a landscaper. Craigslist is a great resource for rocks and other free landscaping leftovers to add charm to a water feature.

Raised garden beds

Low maintenance contemporary landscaping is often complimented by raised garden beds. Modern lifestyles don't leave a lot of time for conventional gardening. Construct these easy reach gardens from scrap lumber or even inexpensive cinder blocks. Both the lumber and the blocks can be painted to match surroundings.


This landscaping technique saves on the water bill. Xeriscaping doesn't mean covering the entire lawn with concrete. Picture a beautiful rock garden with native plants and low water flowers. Check with a construction site foreman for free or inexpensive leftover or demolished rock and that can be incorporated into your water conservative yard.

No dig gardens

Here's another great time saving technique. Start by mowing a section of sunny lawn. Dig up the turf. Partition it off with old timber. Cardboard boxes are put down as weed blocker. Layer fertilizer and soil. The top layer is mulch or straw. Each layer should be watered as it is laid down. Part the mulch and dig holes for each seedling, plant and re-cover with mulch or straw. This is an inexpensive natural compost that fertilizes as it decays. No tilling is required.

Quick fix tips

Life in the fast lane sometimes leaves time for only the quickest of landscaping fixes. Consider buying several inexpensive perennials to accent the front of a house. Putting them in containers allows for effortless changes. They come up every year so there is no need to replant unless you want to. An inexpensive fence paint job can make a big difference as well. Fix any loose boards prior to painting.

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