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Modern interiors


Modern collection by Avenue Six

Modern decorating is very clean and has an architectural emphasis on angular lines and lots of open space. It has roots from as early as the 1930’s and was featured at the German Bauhaus School of Design. Form follows function, meaning the furniture is designed based primarily on its function, is one principle to remember when creating this style in your home.

The colors used in modern décor are based around neutrals and any bold colors are applied in art and accessories for a more dramatic effect. It is a very neutral tone-on-tone color scheme using lots of whites, creams, grays, and blacks. Leather furnishings are very popular for this style as well, particularly in white and black. The furniture is generally low to the ground composed of simple, clean lines. The goal is to create comfort without obstructing the view of nature visible from the windows. Views of the outdoors and nature are very important in this design, so having lots of uncovered and expansive windows add to the effect. If you do like more privacy however, you can add simple but neutral unadorned curtains to protect your personal privacy at night. 

 The artwork used in this style should be chosen with taste, usually incorporating dramatic colors and shapes to make a statement. It is then accented with spot lighting to make it pop. This can be accomplished through a track lighting system on the ceiling. As far as accessories goes, use very few when decorating your room; remember that it is a very minimalist style and to only incorporate them where necessary.

You can also combine the modern style with other styles. A good combination is the modern baroque style which is very elegant but clean combining old design with new.

For more info: Brocade Home has a nice collection of modern baroque furniture if you like that particular style.