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'Modern Family' star Eric Stonestreet unveils his Swiffer Effect campaign

On Wednesday, July 23, 2104 Swiffer hosted an event with Eric Stonestreet and everyone's favorite Swiffer couple, Lee and Morty Kaufman to promote the Swiffer campaign, Swiffer Effects. The Swiffer Effect brings together a typical American household with the idea of role reversal. The campaign is all about getting the males in the house to help out with the daily cleaning chores that women have usually had to deal with for years.

"Modern Family" star ERIC STONESTREET unveiled comedic video, part of #SwifferEffect campaign

Eric Stonestreet, best known for his Emmy Award winning work on "Modern Family," starred in a commercial for Swiffer with his mother. The hilarious commercial can be seen online, with Eric and his mother switching roles, as he attempts to clean up after her. sat down for an exclusive interview with Eric discussing this collaboration, "Modern Family," and of course, Weird Al's "Tacky" video that everyone's been talking about!

So how did this collaboration with Swiffer come about?

Eric Stonestreet: Well, they called and asked if I would be willing and able, and interested in doing a video for the Swiffer Effect campaign with my mom. And since I like my mom, I thought it would be funny to do something with her.

So before this you were already known as a clean person?

ES: Well, I think they saw the relationship I have with my mom on Vine and Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that, and they thought it would be a good relationship. I mean, they asked me if I liked to clean the house and stuff like that, and of course I like to have a clean house!

So did you guys come up with the idea together about how to make the commercial?

ES: Well, no, I came up with it with my friend and I helped create it in their ad agency and just thought it would be really funny to have a role reversal sort of turn with how it goes, where it seems like I want to give my mom the opportunity to clean and all she wants to do is relax. And I end up cleaning up after her, which is sort of the idea behind this Swiffer effects campaign, this role changing, and men taking on more duties when it comes to cleaning the house.

Well, it was hilarious.

ES: Thank you.

So is there anything exciting on "Modern Family" we can look forward to?

ES: Well, we find out on the July 30, when we have the first table read for the season, and that's when I'll find out what's up next as well. I've read that Cam becomes a varsity football coach this year, he was an eighth grade football coach, so if that's true, I'm excited about that. But other than that, there's nothing I really know more than you about what my job is going to be this season.

How was working with Weird Al on the "Tacky" video?

ES: Awesome. He's great, such fun video shoot. I think the song is fantastic, his lyrics are always good. His whole album is great, and it was fun working with Jack, Aisha, and Margaret and Kristen, they're all talented funny awesome people. But Al, is just beyond a treasure.

So cute. Is there anything in your life that you're excited about in the coming year?

ES: Wow. Well, I'm excited to get back to work. I'm excited about some possible vacations, I'm excited for football season to start, I'm a big football fan. For the Chiefs, Kansas State Wildcats, and yeah. I'm just excited in general. I have a good life, so I think everything is exciting when I think about it.

A.C. contributed reporting.

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