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'Modern Family' spoilers: Family headed for another big vacation

Modern Family vacation in Australia
Modern Family vacation in Australia
Photo by Richard Cartwright / ABC Media Kit

The cast of "Modern Family" is getting another big vacation to use as a major storyline in the show. According to TV Line on Jan. 8, the cast of "Modern Family" will be flying to Australia for another big series of vacation episodes.

This isn't the first big vacation episode of "Modern Family." The group also took vacations to Hawaii and Wyoming, but this one will be the farthest from home. The trip will be co-sponsored by ABC and Qantas airlines, who will fly the cast and crew as well as show runner Steven Levitan to Australia for two weeks in February.

Levitan pointed out how much the cast and crew loved the vacation episodes in Hawaii and Wyoming, which each spanned numerous episodes of the show. The Hawaii episodes ended with the big event of Phil and Claire renewing their wedding vows since they never had a real wedding in the first place.

Levitan, in classic "Modern Family" fashion talked about how ambitious the Australia trip will be and speculated that there would be a kangaroo, a koala and a boomerang in the episodes. He then admitted that is all he knows about Australia because the American school system is "a disaster."

He also said the best thing about "Modern Family" taking a vacation in Australia is that everyone in the country looks like Hugh Jackman and Miranda Kerr. The "Modern Family" vacation episode will air later this season.