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'Modern Family' actor Eric Stonestreet starts using dating app to find love

"Modern Family" actor Eric Stonestreet has started using a new dating app to find love.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

On Feb. 13 Showbiz Spy shares that even actors get lonely and have trouble finding love, which is exactly the case for "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet. The actor plays a gay man, Cam Tucker, on "Modern Family" which he does so well that many people actually think he is gay, a huge handicap for him.

Stonestreet admitted that he's been using the new mobile app Tinder to find love, because he's desperate for a wife and kids. Most people are looking for the young stud with six-pack abs and that isn't Eric. The 42-year old actor isn't what is sterotypically "classically handsome" and he has put on a few pounds doing his show. So even though he has a fantastic career that has really taken off, he's finding it difficult to find love.

Eric has been single since his three-year relationship with Katherine Tokarz ended, and he's been especially depressed about finding a new love, especially since Tokarz was married soon after their breakup. Eric has found some success on the dating app, Tinder, but he doesn't expect to find his wife this way. It's simply a means to end the loneliness and fill in a gap during the meantime. However, if he did find a love, he wouldn't turn her down.

What do you think about Eric Stonestreet's admission of using Tinder? Would you like to be Eric's wife?

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