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Modern Event Deck is titled March of the Multitudes; is white-black tokens

Leading the charge in March of the Multitudes!

Modern has been an incredibly popular format since its debut a handful of years ago, so it's not surprising that R&D finally took it upon themselves to develop Event Deck products for the format. However, we have no idea what the first Modern Event Deck, due out later this year, will be like - until now. Newly-registered user and Rumor Mill source A friend posted a box picture and description on, and it looks like we're getting one of the format's iconic builds: White-black tokens.

Specifically mentioned on the package are Elspeth, Knight-Errant (aka the original flavor), Honor of the Pure, and Intangible Virtue, with no word on what any of the black cards are. Presumably Spectral Procession and Lingering Souls are also in. Curiously unmentioned is perhaps one of the cards with the biggest demand: Bitterblossom, whose recent unbanning caused prices to shoot up. And since it has no interaction with Honor of the Pure, perhaps the Blossom's doomed to remain outside of this event deck.

However, Aaron Forsythe did tweet "Heads up... The picture of the Modern Event Deck floating around is a pre-production mockup and is not completely accurate to what's final." In other words, the Bitterblossom unbanning definitely came after development of this deck began, and the list may have changed to reflect that.

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