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Modern Enterprise Solutions has a key to attract the best customer service staff

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Modern Enterprise Solutions was created in 2003 to provide customers with the absolute best overall customer service experience for their networking and telecom needs. The company is a telecom solutions provider in every facet of Network Infrastructure for small business needs.

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MES offer solutions for every facet of telecom and carry the industry’s leading manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper, Calix, Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Adtran, AFC, Fujitsu and many more. MES now offers more than 300 product lines from all leading manufacturers from new and new surplus to certified tested used, refurbished and authorized refurbished.

The advantage of having a 50,000 square-foot warehouse makes it possible for the outstanding sales team to offer thousands of products to customers from small business start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The customer service at MES is fast, secure, and reliable. And by attracting young, talented, and energetic employees the company has managed to keep a competitive advantage that has allowed Modern Enterprise Solutions to grow and expand while many businesses have failed and gone bankrupt in the tough economy of the past decade.

“And one of our core competencies is Cisco. We have certified Cisco engineers on staff, offer a 5-year warranty on Cisco products and offer an extensive selection of new, used, and refurbished Cisco products. To ensure quality, MES state-of-the-art, in-house testing facility allows our certified specialists ensure better-than-new functionality and reliability for every piece of networking and telecom hardware equipment sold,” MES said.

The best employees always provide the best customer service. Modern Enterprise Solutions recruits and retains the highest quality in customer service by attracting high quality workers with competitive salaries and offering workplace amenities that are second to none. “We offer our employees basketball courts, employee lounges, athletic training facilities that are attractive and of the highest quality,” a company spokesperson shared with

No company is better than the sales staff that meets and greets the customers. By hiring a dynamic sales force of young, athletic, energetic, and friendly sales people Modern Enterprise Solutions is able to offer customized asset management programs enable customers to generate working capital from existing, idle inventory, maximize the value of surplus equipment and ensure the highest return on the investment.

“MES also provides convenience by buying used equipment and offering the advantages of our consignment solutions. Our consignment customers benefit from online, real-time analysis of inventories, monthly brokerage activity and reports. In fact, MES works with more than 100 companies in consignment partnerships to ensure maximum ROI. Modern Enterprise Solutions is the only company in the business to offer a wide selection of truly customized, industry exclusive programs. We listen to our customers and innovate solutions that fit their specific needs,” MES said.

Any small business currently having problems with their telecom system need only contact Modern Enterprise Solutions for responsive support and fast delivery. “Our customer service now allows Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES) to deliver telecom solutions for every facet of networking infrastructure to customers across the United States and around the world. From being ISO compliant to our company-wide Quality Management System, we ensure consistency from order accuracy to anti-static packing to secure logistics for on-time delivery around the world,” the company said.

Modern Enterprise Solutions has thousands of products from all major manufacturers tested and ready to ship. “We have the exact equipment for any need and budget, new and new surplus, certified tested used, refurbished and authorized refurbished. From sales and support to product testing and shipping, Modern Enterprise Solutions now has more than 50 members of our company family who share our common dedication to the absolute best customer experience,” MES said.

Modern Enterprise Solutions offers proven quality. From being ISO compliant to their company-wide Quality Management System, they ensure consistency from order accuracy to anti-static packing to secure logistics for on-time delivery around the world. In addition, to ensure better-than-new functionality and reliability, their certified specialists test and retest every piece of equipment they sell at their state-of-the-art, in-house testing facility.

"Our testing goes beyond simple power-on and boot check testing to cover complete functionality, reliability and performance of the equipment. Our certified MES Testing Team utilizes industry-best testing procedures and equipment to test every possible facet of equipment. Our testing team has designed a fully functional, diverse, and completely interchangeable lab environment that allows complete diagnostic testing of nearly every form of network and telecommunication equipment," the company said.

Modern Enterprise Solutions is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company has recently expanded to Buffalo, New York.