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Modern Day Gluten-Free Snake Oil

Recently there have been several companies and brands that have marketed and sold supplements that claim you can eat gluten with the help of their products. This practice is dishonest at best and downright harmful to those who have gluten-intolerance.

First the only proven way for individuals to avoid harm from gluten is to avoid all traces of it in their diet. This is the only true way to be symptom free. If you have no gluten in your diet your body will not have an auto-immune response. Thus this is the only effective way to be symptom free. I understand that this harder to do with the danger of hidden gluten and cross contamination. Dr. Rodney Ford, runs a Facebook Group that talks about the dangers of gluten in your diet.

Currently, none of these companies marketing this “snake oil,” have gone through a double blind study. Nor have they gone through the process to gain FDA approval. They are able to exist in the market place because they claim to be a vitamin supplement. However, they are peddling danger by encouraging individuals to place the poison of gluten in their system. One example comes from the brand, Gluten Cutter, “But now, with the help of Gluten Cutter™ you DON’T have to say goodbye – more like “see you later”!”

A major warning none of these vitamin supplements or enzymes are not meant for someone suffering from Celiac Disease. Any cheating on your diet may carry serious complications to your health. You can learn more about the complications of Celiac Disease by visiting the Celiac Center at the University of Chicago.

It seems when we come to the gluten-free community we do not have the protection of the FDA or other government agencies. These companies are able to peddle their junk under the guise of vitamins and enzymes. I recall some history lesson where Coke mixed with cocaine was sold as a dietary settlement in the early 1900’s. Where is the government oversight?

I would recommend you avoid these products not only because of their questionable safety but their lack of integrity and morals when it comes to representing their brand.

You can find helpful information by visiting The Gluten Free Consumer. They have reviewed many products and have given companies who meet their test a seal of approval.

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