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Modern dance packs Erickson Theatre

The latest production from Whim W’him looks to fill the intimate Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill. The Friday (May 23) performance of #unprotected already is sold out, but tickets are still available for Wednesday (May 21) and Thursday (May 22).

Dutch choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa created a new work for Whim W'him
Les Biches, Whim W’Him. Photo: Lavie Photography

Three world premieres make up the #unprotected program. Choreographers Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Andrew Bartee, and Olivier Wevers all contributed new works.

Based the Netherlands, Ochoa created the female quartet “Les Biches” (French for does, or female deers) for the company. The women dancers appear in fleshy leotards and inhumanly long scarlet nails.

Bartee and Wevers are both better known to Seattle fans for their work at Pacific Northwest Ballet as well as Whim W’him.

Bartee’s “I’m not here but it’s not the same” utilizes five dancers in moody combinations, while “Above the Cloud” by Wevers literally enacts its title by giving the dancers big fluffy white pillows as props.

Whim W’him performs at Erickson Theatre Off Broadway in Capitol Hill. Tickets are available through

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