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Modern Combat 5 blasts its way onto the Windows Phone platform

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Earlier on this week mobile gaming giant Gameloft announced that the Windows Phone version of its highly anticipated shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout would be released on the same day as both the Android, and iPhone version of the game, and just as they promised, the game has been launched. On July 24 Gameloft confirmed that the Windows Phone version of the game is live in the app store.

We all know that smartphone platforms are judged by the amount of apps and games that are available for it, and in the past Gameloft games have taken months, and even years before they received a port over to Windows Phone, but the video game giant firmly believes that Windows Phone 8.1 is on par with both Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, and that's why Gameloft has decided to launch on all three platforms at the same time.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest installment in what could arguably be called the greatest mobile first-person-shooter (FPS) ever made. The Modern Combat series is as significant to mobile platforms as Call of Duty has been to home consoles, such as the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4.

The latest version of Modern Combat features some of the best graphics ever seen in a mobile based game, and gameplay that can rival home console video games. Not only does Modern Combat 5 feature an epic single player story, it also has online multiplayer games too. Users will also be able to talk to other players in both global and squad chats, and they can try to take control of the global leaderboards.

The Windows Phone version of the game requires that your device has at least 1GB of RAM, and 777MB of free storage space. Modern Combat 5 unfortunately does not support Xbox Live so there are no Xbox achievements to unlock, and there are no plans to release a version of the game that can run on a device with only 512MB of RAM.

The game is not one of the cheapest available in the app store, but at just $6.99 it's certainly not the most expensive. At the end of the day, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a full-blown, console quality game with online multiplayer support for under $7 bucks, and is definitely a game you do not want to miss out on if you own a Windows Phone device.

Source: WPCentral