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Modern Cat suggests 8 people foods for your feline

As more and more research is conducted, animal lovers are finding out that feeding their pet from the table (not literally of course) is not as unhealthy as it once was determined to be. In fact, great sources, like that of Modern Cat, have recently reported (Elizabeth Scott and Laura Pask – writers) that eight more people foods are being suggested for feline parents to feed their little beauties.

Modern Cat

Now, their suggestions don’t mean to intimate that you should right now, immediately, pull your cat’s normal diet from him or her and substitute in all people foods. Absolutely not the point! In fact, it is always better to begin introducing something new to a pet a little at a time to see if their system can take the change. In fact, Scott and Pask have gone so far to imply that you should begin introducing little bits of extras when the cat is merely a kitten!

Besides their digestive systems being an issue, cats are not always adventurous eaters. If you have ever had a cat, you will know that they are more adventurous when they are young than when they get older. As they grow, cats become quite suspicious if offered anything new to the palate.

This does not mean that you cannot introduce new foods to your already existing feline just that it may take you longer; much more patience involved in the process! You may have to persevere; ‘Try, Try Again,’ as the saying goes.

The foods listed, safe for cats, are the following:

1. Plain, unsweetened, low-fat yogurt. It is high in protein and calcium and good for overweight cats. It would not be good, however, for cats prone to bladder stones, so offer sparingly. Make certain that the yogurt does not contain any artificial sweeteners!

2. Raspberries are high in fiber, Vitamin C and manganese so they are really good for cats. You can offer them frozen or unfrozen (unfrozen if you have a playful cat that would see the berry as a toy instead of food).

3. Beef Heart is high is digestible protein but is also high in fat. It is good on occasion; served boiled or baked. It can also be thinly sliced and dehydrated to make a type of jerky treat for your cat which is also good to clean his or her teeth.

4. Fowl feet (chicken or duck) can be great for cats that love the crunchy texture of the feet. Some pet stores offer them dehydrated, but you could acquire them from a chicken farm or a butcher fresh. Make certain that they are clean, though, before giving them to your cat as you do not want them eating anything that would make them sick. Do not feed raw feet to young felines as it could affect their immune system. The feet are good for keeping your cat’s teeth clean but be wary if your cat is on any medications as the feet could make them sick. Speak to your veterinarian first.

5. Bananas are loaded with potassium and Vitamin B6 which is good for everything from the nervous system to inflammation clear-up.

6. Meat-based baby foods with no added garlic or onion (which are both toxic to cats!) can be used as an additive to dry kibble or frozen in little bits to make a refreshing cat treat. Most baby foods are natural, plain, and low in fat and contain a good source of protein for your four-legged companion.

7. Bean, Broccoli and Sprouted Grain Sprouts can be given in small quantities; sprinkled onto your cat’s dinner. They are an added source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that help keep your cat healthy and active. Do not feed an elderly cat raw sprouts, however, as the raw ones are prone to bacterial contamination and could affect them negatively!

8. Dehydrated Beef Liver is a great source of protein, although it is best to limit the cat to two servings (small piece) a week as you do not want to overload on a good thing. The liver is high in iron and Vitamins A and D; too much could make your cat sick if they were already getting these things in their normal cat food!

As you can see, a few of these items are normally in our households (although the chicken feet may tend to go fast!). The other items are easily obtainable at the local groceries or butchers. Feeding your cat these great foods may help them in the long run to be with you longer and better than they normally would be!

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