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Models in the Raw

Recognizing a model incognito
Recognizing a model incognito
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

One very important aspect of the Fashion Industry is the model that showcases the styles. Being a model takes as much fashion sense as being the designer in which brought the fashion into being. In the local area of Memphis Tn, you can encounter the fashion model on the streets, in the dinners and even in the grocery store. Local models are just like all the other down-to-earth individuals who frequent the city.

Local models are sometimes very hard to spot, in that they try to live the their life as they did before fame made its mark-there in the midst of their family and friends. Want to know how to spot a model in Memphis Tn? There are a few ways to tell if you are hobnobbing with a fashion model. Pay close attention to these indicators and learn what a real model does in her spare time.

1. Confidence

A model will radiate with self-confidence, even when wearing sweats and a pair of reading glasses. If you find yourself sitting in a little BBQ joint somewhere in downtown Memphis, you should watch for the potential model. Yes, models love BBQ and all sorts of yummy greasy foods. Do not let the stereotype fool you. Watch for that girl in the corner, dressed down in sweats that still holds her posture straight and her pinky out. Yep, that just might be your "model in disguise". Don't let the greasy fingers fool you, that girl has got it going on!

2. Designer Hand Bag

If that model is dressed down and blending in on the street, that doesn't matter. In most circumstances, even the model running out to the store will be carrying her Coach bag. Pay attention to the way she talks about how much she loves her purse. Guess what! You just caught yourself a model in the real world.

3. Watch the walk

It doesn't matter if she is pumping gas, picking up dry cleaning or even playing video games at the arcade; a model will walk like no one else. That runway walk doesn't go away. Even retired models who haven't been in work for years will have that very same runway walk. Head held high, arms swinging slightly and that signature footwork; yes ma'am, that walk is in the blood!

Want to find a real life model in the wild? Well, hit the streets and keep those radars open. It really doesn't take much work to notice a model in down time. Memphis Tn has many models walking the streets, shopping in the small family owned stores and even hanging out with their friends. Southern models can pretend to be like us traditional folk, all day long; but the signs will always point to fashion. A model will always be a model, and her style will always shine though.

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