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Models of Baltimore Fashion Week Get Roasted by John Waters

John Waters Quote As In The
John Waters Quote As In The
Article Written by:Véronique Hyland

This is not your normal kind of article, it is an article of excitement and appreciativeness *is that really a word – well it is now.*

The production staff for the fundraising event, Baltimore Fashion Week is beyond amazing in my eyes. I’m not saying that because I’m the Executive Producer for the event, but even if I were not in my position, I know I would say the same thing.

One of the key reasons why this team is the best in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is because they keep their ears to the ground to keep me abreast of all matters that affect this event. To receive a text message from a team member that we were Roasted by the famous Baltimorean John Waters was a complete honor.

Now, I will say this, when I first read the article I was taken back a few steps. I received the text and quickly glanced through it while I was on the phone conversing with Patricia Freeman about her upcoming fashion brunch event on June 21st in New York City. Wow, I just realized the connection here and why things happened the way they did. I was on the telephone talking to a designer about fashion in New York and received a text about a comment made about Baltimore Fashion Week IN New York. As I mentioned in my Facebook and Tweet, that was the perfect present and ending to a great productive day.

Because I never really understood the reasons for a Roast and just going off what others have said about it, I immediately was concerned and was on the ledge. Before I jumped, I reached out to my team member and asked if I was reading too much into the statement. And of course once again I was. He had to walk me in off the ledge and once he explained it I was overwhelmed with tears (of course after I read it again and AFTER we were off the phone). I was touched that someone as famous as John Waters even knew Baltimore Fashion Week existed, let alone to speak in a positive manner about the models of Baltimore Fashion Week in a praising format was phenomenal in my eyes.

Okay . . .Okay . . . allow me to back up a second. When I say, "walk me off the ledge" it is just a figure of speech meaning that I was on the brink of anguish. I think, no correction, I know because I am so in love with what I do, I don’t see things clearly all the time. Some may call it passion, but I think LOVE is much more descriptive definition than passion. Passion can die off, but LOVE is everlasting. I LOVE my team.

I guess you want to know what the quote was don't you, well here it is:

On smiling models: I’d introduce my motley new looks during Baltimore Fashion Week, which has been unfairly deemed unsophisticated by some critics just because the models smile like beauty queens walking down the runway, waving to their parents in the audience and yelling, “cheese”. So?!? Imagine if Comme des Garçons did this? Wouldn’t that be as transgressive as Rick Owens’ models “grit facing”? A good mood on the catwalk is positively post-modern these days.

WOW right? I know you are smiling right now. Who would have ever thought that someone would mention Baltimore Fashion Week at a Roast of all things and then in a positive light? THANK YOU MR. WATERS WHERE EVER YOU ARE. Also, thank you to for posting the article.

Well, time for me to return back to my philanthropic duties, but until my next article keep it fashionable and never ever settle for anything less than what you DESIRE.


Sharan XOXO

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