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Models and Bottles from Diddy to Dolce in South Beach

Be there!
Be there!
Dolce Ultra Lounge

South Beach will be bumping tomorrow night when Diddy brings his 2 favorite things to Dolce Ultra Lounge, models and bottles. In spirits of the Super Bowl, Diddy will be throwing the party that tops all other events of the weekend “Diddy's Models & Bottles Super Bowl Jump-Off Party”. He also decided to bring some friends with him, including DJ Short-e and Ali B. With nightclubs trying to bring the hottest celebrities to gain public attention, Dolce had to look no further. The party, hosted by Diddy, will bring the cream of the crop to Dolce. This is the place to be!

If you were not able to make it then have no fear, because I will give you the inside scoop on the event and Dolce! Lets see how hot this party really is.