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Model takes one in the butt, Suge gets shot at Chris Brown WeHo club party

Suge Knight got shot at pre-MTV Video Awards party
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

West Hollywood went wild early Sunday morning. During a pre MTV awards party hosted by Chris Brown at local nightclub 1OAK, gunfire broke out injuring rap mogul Suge Knight, fashion model Megan Hawkins, and another party goer.

The fiasco happened inside the cave-like club at about 1:30 a.m. while Brown was on stage performing, according to eye witness reports and today’s Los Angeles Times, which also reported that law enforcement at the scene speculated that that the shooting might have been connected to gang rivalries and the rapper’s connections with Compton’s Bloods gang.

TMZ coverage today (Aug. 25) of 19-year-old Megan Hawkin’s injury quoted the model as saying, “My ass took a 9mm bullet.” Those of us who watched last night’s MTV Video awards may have noticed the absence of any mention of the early morning shootings. But then that would have been a big downer to a night of lots of skin showing in skimpy, glitz outfits and high energy, youthful dancing and antics, save for a strange appearance by elder statesmen Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

Meanwhile Napa Valley digs out of Sunday’s earthquake, Miley Cyrus makes a humanitarian statement at the MTV Video Awards show and life goes on. However with such random violence as what happened in WeHo, we all need to be extra vigilant these days especially late night clubs that really ought to do a better job checking customers for firearms.

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