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Model horse collecting site helps you find any horse collectible item imaginable

Vintage model horses
Vintage model horses
BJ English

If you are like most horse enthusiasts you probably collect a lot of horse related memorabilia. Now there is a site that combines all sorts of equine collectibles in one spot.

The Collectionary lets you browse several categories from model horses to equine art all in one easy to find location and they are looking for moderators to help grow the site and inform visitors as to the origins of various equine collectibles.

Maybe you collect model horses like Breyers and Hagan Renakers or old Purina breed t-shirts that you could purchase for saving up your Purina Horse feed labels and trading them in.

You may also have a favorite aunt or distant relative that sent you a horse themed gift each year or found a rare collectible at a garage sale and brought it home to you, like my giant copper stamped horse wall hanging and the horse head cast iron hitching post that both lay on a wall in a spare bedroom collecting dust because I have no place to put them and am afraid they would take the paste board off the wall due to their weight.

You might also have collected something you thought was valuable like an old Johnny West palomino horse complete with brown rubber saddle and bridle or a Lone Ranger and Tonto gift set or even a rearing mustang hood ornament and wondered whether it was really valuable or junk.

Searching for rare items is often a pain and even eBay may not have what you are looking for, but the Horse Collectionary offers horse collectible memorabilia all in one location and they are looking for moderators to run the board in case you are bored and would like to help categorize items.

You can also buy and sell items on the site which is a plus, considering that your $40 Breyer model is only going for $5 on eBay, though if you are planning on buying, be forewarned that the prices are a bit steep though we found a few bargains as well, including five traditional Breyer horses going for $46.

You can also find artwork, jewelry, saddles, wall hangings and more.

If you are looking for a place to list your precious collectibles and share with others, or want to sell off those old horse magazines and models that are packed away, the site is worth a visit.

You can also add your expertise on items if you know their history.

It is fun to browse the different categories and if you are into other collectibles, they have sites for those as well.

Chances are you may have one of the wall hangings (aka - fuzzy throws) that is being offered for sale for nearly $50 which you bought at Walmart ten years ago for $12 and be encouraged to list your own items on the site!

Visit: and let us know what you think about the site and share your memories of horse collectibles in the comment section below.

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