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Model cars and airplanes are still fun activities, and Charlotte area stores offer a wide selection.


1970 Plymouth Roadrunner diecast

They've been around for years.

Model cars, airplanes, military vehicles and trains have probably been in every boys (and girls) toybox at some point.

These toys have flown under the radar for years but they are still out there.  Everything from model A cars to Boeing 757's are ready for glue, paint and a lot of patience.  Not all models are difficult to build.  They offer every line of models in differing skill levels. Revell is and has been the industry leader in plastic model vehicles.  Visit their line here:  I pictured this diecast verssion as it is my favorite car of all time.  Diecast are hard metal and usually require nothing as its already put together and ready to be played with.  There are a myriad of sites on the net to buy diecast.  However I want to stress the fun factor involved in constructing the car from scratch.  A plastic version was purchased at the Hickory Hobby Lobby   They have a wide selection of model of not only cars but all aforementioned vehicles.

This is a fabulous and relatively inexpensive hobby to begin your little one with.  Not only does it teach hand eye coordination, but due to the intense attention that needs to be paid it teaches patience too.  Not every plastic car will be the same.  Some may want to use the decals that come with the car, some may want to paint it purple with pink polka dots.  It doesn't matter as your child's only limits are his/her imagination. 

This hobby also can aid in parental interaction other than tossing the remote.  The two of you could construct your model together which affords immeasurable bonding time.  If you have never pondered this activity, give your local Hobby Lobby or Micheal's a visit and pick one up.  Who knows you may actually enjoy it too. If you turn out to like it and want a real challenge they offer hard skill levels for you to complete as well.  Think of this like putting together a puzzle, but when you are done you can actually play with it.

For more info: another good store to buy models.


  • cindy turnmire 5 years ago

    i found this article very informative. the author covers all the bases on where to buy the best products for the model car hobbist.