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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Unconscious Murmurings Reveal Explicit Instruction

We Talk Too Much But Are We Really Listening To What We Are Not Saying?

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Unconscious Murmurings Reveal Explicit Instruction

We know what we’re doing! We’re not stupid. We know the difference of when we are talking too much and when we actually have something important to say. We talk way too much; we all ‘run our mouths’ entirely too much. But, why? Who are we really talking to? Could it be that we are carrying on an inner dialectal conversation with ourselves while using the others to bounce of? In other words, are we really simply talking to ourselves aloud? If that be the case, we are probably not saying what we really intend, desire and propose to say since we are none that innocently revealing. On some very basic level, we are ignoring the other to some degree. Something to seriously ponder, possibly.
For if we really are talking to ourselves in the outer world, can we hear, comprehend and admonish what we are saying? Listening is a fine art; one that requires astute skills in adaptation and application in deliberate focus and concentration to benefit. For instance, how much time is spent talking about ‘what’s going to happen’ before the event takes place and “what should or did happen’ after the event occurred? (So much verbalized ratified opinion) Relatively little time is spent on talking (observing) what’s actually being said in the present.

We are basically unconscious beings. On that one premise, alone reams of unsurpassed power in absolute knowing are elicited. When the unconscious speaks, (still small voice) it rattles the foundation. I think you would agree, too little of hearing what the unconscious has to say takes place on a daily basis. Bottom line: the more we don’t have a clue, the more definitely we know what to do. But, in order to hear the still small voice of the unconsciousness, we must cease talking so wide and so loose.

Writing is a much more verifiable way to still the waters in our overly anxious talkative nature. When we write, (just like what I’m doing this very minute), we solicit from the unconscious significant guidance. That is IF we suspend judgment and interpretation. Sigmund Freud had a little to say about this in the primary process of psycho-analytic probing exploration. Writing frees the mind and ruthless soul to express its contents. Jumbled and unclear as the words may be at first, in time and with much concentrated, dedicated, controlled disciplined practice, the need to talk so much becomes less expedient.

Have you ever stopped to gauge yourself with just how many times you use the words, ”I” “Me” Mine” in a conversation? Become aware; it’s an enlightening fun experiment to scrutinize and count. And, what about how many times you repeat the same word, or phrase or idea? Daily, weekly, monthly…? (Hourly) Do you ever cut people off while they are talking? Something’s going on, there! More dismantling words are those that come out in an unexpected way, or not at all (unpronounceable). These are the ones we need pay close attention to, but so often, keep right on jabbering as if nothing significant happened. It did, but we missed it.

We are equipped with an insufferable vault of wisdom, unearthed knowledge lying dormant at the base of our feet. Yes, right next to the dirt. It’s referred to as ‘gut wisdom.’ How many times have you wanted to say something and completely forgot what you said? You inadvertently replied like most folks, by saying, “Oh. Well, it was probably a lie.” Then, in a few minutes, or when you were least thinking about that particular sentence or phrase, it came back in full force? The GAP between the ‘not knowing’ and ‘remembering’ is a sycophant enigmatic firefly opting for your undivided attention. [What are we NOT saying??????] But, of course, we usually don’t give it credence but go barreling on our merry way into overpopulated blabberville.

More importantly, how many times do you answer someone by saying, “I don’t know?” Or “I just don’t know what to do?” That’s not true. We do know. the time, every where. We know because we carry the answers within us.
The relation of words is similar to the relation of various foods we choose to combine. We can’t know what the food will taste like until after we have placed it in our mouths. On the same token, we can’t possibly know what we’re saying unless we listen to it once it is uttered. Not a tasteless green pea unidentifiable soup but a deliciously scrumptious cake, one of which we have denied ourselves for months for having dieted. Instead of pretending to listen to the other person's words and rejecting our own, why not pay attention to what we are saying to ourselves? Much kinder and more authentically refreshing, I surmise.

Moreover, what we assume to be utter nonsense arising from out of our unconsciousness, may very well reveal startling new perceptions needful for exploitation. Of course, it’s much easier and less complicated to dismiss the associate relevance; continue on with our set logical determined way of doing things and comprehensible method of saying things. But who knows what may be lurking underneath the dark layers of covered marbled stone if we’re willing to invest in a razor sharp chisel?

For a quick humorous experiment of the nonsensically stringing together of unrelated words, try this: With the first letters of each of your first and middle names, write the words that surface immediately: Example: Paula Andrea: Pass an undercoat lost at Atlanta need drowning rescue exposition address. Wasn’t that loads of fun? Now, remember you must write the words as quickly as is feasibly possible without thought or hindrance. You will find a certain amount of resistance because we insist on talking in our brain with interpretation and listen with our 'feet' (down under) very little. What did those unintelligible words have to do with anything? Can’t speak of it. But there’s one for certain they are ineffably incalculably unconsciously meaningful, poignant and instructive. I think it is the Chinese who are attributed with the saying, “IF it’s truth, it can’t be uttered.”

So we talk and talk and talk and say nothing. We’ve come around the mulberry bush to this one point. We always know what to do. We are never without divine direction found in our feet (base). Wherever we are standing and in whatever direction we are heading is where we are going. We mumble to ourselves, at a very deep level, the truthfulness of this dissertation although the language may seem unintelligible and unutterable.

In essence, when we are talking aloud so indiscriminately; we circumvent our own cleverly devised censorship. This undetectable scheme of seemingly interactive conversation has been intellectually devised as an overt unconscious way to enable us to say what we wouldn’t or couldn’t say to ourselves, otherwise. Listen up! What’s NOT being said from you to you while you are jabbering away to yourself on the outside to who seems like the other visible person?

Paula Andrea Pyle, M.A. Ed

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