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Mode of Cosmic Therapy

"Astrology can and does make a difference in your demonstrative level of understanding associated in your life. No longer is the topic to be considered as a pseudo-science dismissed as insignificant in cognitive behavior, conditioned personality and as vital component in constructing a productive/contributory fulfilling destiny,” says Paula Andrea Pyle, M.A. Ed. who is a native of NC and Executive Cosmic Therapist with a BS in communication and an MA in Art Education, currently pursuing PhD. in Evolutionary Educational Psychology. She is also an world renown artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, Senior Perfumer @ Zabania Fragrances, Professional Astrologer, Numerology Adept, tarot consultant, dream consultant, published author, educator, teacher, speaker, poet, and a self-taught chef.

As the creator and host of the popular Bi-weekly MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Show on RTN Channel 10 Raleigh TV esoteric, scientific, spiritual themes are openly discussed at length. She brings new insight into the often label occult areas of astrology and numerology dissecting the hidden meanings of words. Passionately motivated and enthusiastically driven, she works to dispel the ignorance associated with topics not readily accepted or appreciated.

Paula is also Founder/Director, and C.E.O. of M.O.D.E International School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences. "Investigating the spiraling possibilities associated with the various astrological signs, houses, patterns, groupings (along with the planets, nodes, aspects and chart configurations) and how they specifically fall in your particular natal chart can be as revealing as discovering what makes up your identifiable DNA. It's sort of like your Cosmic Blueprint of numerous designated patterns making a notable difference in understanding and achieving personal goals and aspirations, as well as, recognizing and dealing with certain verifiable complexes, while overcoming barriers, limitations and restrictions." MODE of Cosmic Therapy

According to the latest research and findings, from the most prominent astrophysicists, everything in the universe is connected. Therefore, no aspect of it the galactic complexity can be denied or dismissed as unimportant. We can no longer turn a deaf ear or blind eye to the patterns in the skies on the day of our birth marking them as irrelevant or inconsequential. As the consciousness of mankind is raised and more awareness surfaces in scientific subjects, the applicability of esoteric themes takes on new and broader meanings.

No one would argue that the human body is composed of subatomic particles known as atoms (photons of light). Comprised of this powerful electromagnetic energy, we are literally carbon/nitro-genic cosmic furnaces (scientists declare that the temperatures range from 3,000 to 6,000 degrees) designed to elicit the movement in/of earth experiences. No longer can we pretend that we are walking talking vehicles of unimaginable frequency vibrating in an intercellular regularity of purposeful meaning.

The intent may be hidden from conscious view but according to ancient scripture, “Those who seek me diligently will find me.” We dare not let indifference or laziness detain us from learning more while exposing a purposeful, pertinent resolution to questions to life that have longed since plagued us. Let us throw open the doors of fresh experience, venture into the areas of the forbidden, which have been suspiciously unknown to us and dance in the freedom of liberating the ingrained shackled ignorance attached. It’s a Brand New Day Dawning: live it in total celebration!

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