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ModDB Mod of the Year winners announced

ModDB has announced the winners for its 2009 Mod of the Year awards.

MechWarrior Crysis mod Living Legends dominated the list, taking both Best Multiplayer Mod and the Mod of the Year. Half-Life 2 mod Mortewood Plaza won the One to Watch award, and Natural Selection 2 took the Indie Game of the Year.

A list of editor picks are also presented including Best Original Art Direction, Best Upcoming Mod, and Best Multiplayer and Single Player Mods.


  • uh? 4 years ago

    No mention of NNK winning Editor's Choice 2009 and Best Upcoming Mod 2009 or it releasing shortly after?

  • r1sh12 4 years ago

    Wow...the best mod should have been for the pc and xbox 360 version of modern warfare 2.
    Where you can get 10th prestige in like 2 minutes..
    xp mods FTW


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