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Mockingbird joins 'Agents of Shield,' will be played by former Wonder Woman

From DC to Marvel, Adrianne Palicki
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Finally, a big named comic book Avenger will be appearing on "Agents of SHIELD." The Hollywood Reporter has reported that actress Adrianne Palicki will guest-star as Mockingbird in season two of ABC's superhero show.

For those of you who don't know much about the generalist Avenger, Barbara "Bobbi" Morse codename Mockingbird, was first created in 1971 by Gerry Conway and Barry Smith. Her initial inception was to be a supporting character for Ka-Zar. As her character developed, writers eventually incorporated her into S.H.I.E.L.D. properties designating her as Agent 19.

For years, Bobbi would go on to star alongside Hawkeye in an espionage tensioned relationship leading to eventual marriage. The two would have their own team called "The West Coast Avengers."

A few months ago, I wrote article about characters I wanted to see in Marvel's cinematic universe. Mockingbird was on the list for these reasons:

Having Bobbi in the cinematic universe could also allow Marvel to introduce the Secret Invasion if they choose to tell that story. In the comics, a shape shifting alien race called the Skrulls, infiltrate Earth and abduct many heroes, replacing them with their own in an attempt to take over the planet. One of the earliest abducted was Mockingbird. While it isn’t important that she be the first Skrull, having a secondary hero as villain is easier to swallow than say a Captain America or Iron Man right off the bat.

I for one think its brilliant to bring Mockingbird to "Agents of SHIELD." She instantly brings name recognition and validation to a show struggling to hold relevancy in a world all about name brands. If Marvel does eventually decide to incorporate their television actors to the cinemas, Adrianne Palicki and Mockingbird would be a perfect place to start. Her character has so much potential for on-screen stories with Nick Fury and Hawkeye. They could even decide to produce a Hawkeye standalone film with Mockingbird as a supporting character. This would further solidify "Agents of SHIELD" into the cinematic universe.

Adrianne Palicki herself is a huge comic fan. She was tabbed to be the next Wonder Woman before Gal Gadot, when NBC green-lit a Wonder Woman television show. While Palicki did film a pilot, the show was not picked up. Palicki also appeared in the CW's "Aquaman" pilot which was also not picked up. It seems Palicki will finally be able to appear on a superhero show past its pilot.

Are you excited that Mockingbird is coming to the cinematic universe? Let me know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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