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Mock mailbag to combat the madness

Chuck Pagano on the sidelines during the Divisional Round loss to the Patriots. The Colts enter the NFL Draft with only five picks and many holes to fill.
Chuck Pagano on the sidelines during the Divisional Round loss to the Patriots. The Colts enter the NFL Draft with only five picks and many holes to fill.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Is it just me, or does it feel like it’s been two years or more since the 2013 NFL Draft? The brainchild of the NFL, moving the 2014 Draft back to early May, has led to even more misdirection, misinformation, and yes, mock drafts.

I would never poke fun at those who crank out mock drafts like Roy Hibbert cranks out double zeroes lately; most of the mockers are required to do so for their job. Sitting down and trying to plot out even the first round, let alone a four-round projection or, in some cases the whole damn thing, is amazing in and of itself.

Rather than throw yet another mock draft into the muck, I’ve decided to do a mock mailbag. These will be questions that either have or should be asked by Colts fans and NFL fans alike. Sit back and get ready for the magic.

“Will Ryan Grigson trade into the first round Thursday night?”
The man, the myth, the legend that is Ryan Grigson is an aggressive GM. How aggressive? He’s so aggressive that he has only five picks in what many experts are calling the deepest talent pool in ten years. That’s the price you pay when you wheel and deal future picks like they’re stocks. Eventually, the piper comes to collect.

I do not believe in any way, shape or form that Grigson will trade his way into the first round this year. The main reason is because he just doesn’t have enough bullets. While this may be the best draft pool in a decade, that’s more reason not to move up at the expense of the future. Great players should drop for a variety of reasons (a run on a certain position, trades, dings either real or perceived). If anything, I see Grigson trading down to acquire more picks.

“Who will the Colts grab with their first pick?”
It was tough enough to try and guess who the Colts would take late in the first round year after year. Not picking until 59th overall, late in the second round, there’s no possible way to accurately peg the pick. Too many variables are involved. I firmly believe that a safety might well be the target, though I’ll add a disclaimer. There is no way of knowing who will be on the board still at pick 59. Jimmie Ward? Terrence Brooks? Randall Pink Floyd?

The Colts seem to have their eyes set on a safety with coverage skills, though who knows what kind of talent at other positions of need might fall. I’d say the only bets that are off would be QB, TE and punter/kicker.

“What ever happened to Diego?”
A solid question. For those who don’t know or can’t remember, Diego joined me last season to debate the trade for Trent Richardson. Shortly after, he had a tanning bed incident and destroyed the place with rage not seen since Ben Stiller as Mr. Furious in Mystery Men.

There was no way in hell I was going to post bail for Diego, and no matter how many times I tried to explain to him that he would not be able to hire Johnnie Cochran, he held out hope. Last I heard he broke out of prison and has been on the lamb ever since.

“Whose name will be called first Thursday night?”
Beats the hell out of me. Reports say that the Texans want to trade out of the first pick. Then again, you should pay as much attention to ‘reports’ this week as you do to a movie on the last day of school. Nothing would surprise me at the first pick.

“How many quarterbacks go in round one?”
Between none and twelve. Plus or minus nine.

“Any truth to the rumor that you will start posting more often than Joan Rivers goes under the knife?”
While the NFL may be a year-round enterprise, I have to be sure to keep putting food on the table. Until someone rewards me richly for this verbal gold, I’ll do what I can when I can. Thanks for the concern!

“What areas of need do the Colts still have?”
The same ones that you’ve likely read about countless times on many other sites. Safety, center, corners, pass rusher, interior offensive line, receiver. You can certainly debate the order in which those should appear; however, I don’t think there’s much room to debate the positions themselves.

“What would make this a successful draft for the Colts?”
That’s a very good question. First and foremost, they need to come out of this draft with contributors. Find a coverage safety, a corner or two to step up when Greg Toler gets hurt (and no, that’s not ‘if’ anymore - it’s a given) and someone to bolster the pass rush.

I fully believe that if they can stay healthy (and yes, that’s a huge if) the Colts offense could be dangerous this season. Provided that Pep Hamilton doesn’t revert to three yards and a cloud of turf chips, of course. The defense is the area of concern in my mind. Draft it up and get the young guys ready.

That wraps it up for this amazing and inspiring mock mailbag. The truth of the matter is that nobody has a good handle on how the draft will unfold for the Colts. Sitting at pick 59 they can’t honestly tell you who they’ll have to choose from.

All that we do know is they enter the melee with a mere five picks and, as of now, the full slate of 2015 draft ammo in hand. Guessing if that remains the status quo is about as easy as figuring out time travel. 1.21 giggawatts!

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