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Mock crash at Tippecanoe High School

Mock crash brought CareFlight to assist
Photo provided by Flicker, James Brooks

Tippecanoe high school students experienced first-hand the tragedy and affects of drunk driving May 13, during a mock crash organized by the school’s Student Senate. The program is designed to help draw awareness to the seriousness of getting behind a wheel of a car after having a couple alcoholic drinks.

“I just hope everyone takes the mock crash seriously, because it impacts everyone, especially during prom this weekend,” President of Student Senate, Hannah Baird said. “It’s an important event that students are excited about because it is only held every four years and has a great impact on the student’s lives.”

Prom night is something to be cherished for a student’s lifetimes. It’s a night of fun and freedom. Hearing of a death during this special night is tragic for all. By demonstration, the school system hopes by seeing the tragedy in a mock situation will cause students to think twice about their choices and impact on friends and family.

The mock crash was organized by student senate members, Hannah Baird, Ellie Harrison, Tommy Zimmerman, Cameron Johnson and Michael Landweihner and teachers who stood as advisers to the student senate, Denise Moore and Alexis Detrick.

The mock crash was held in the rear parking lot of the school. This realistic event involved two victims; senior Baird and senior Landweihner. After witnessing the horrific crash between two vehicles, junior Zimmerman called 9-1-1 for assistance and junior Harrison and senior Johnson were witnesses providing information to the authorities. CareFlight landed in the adjacent practice field and were assisted by local police, EMS and the Fire Department, to add a realistic feel to the crash.

“The graphic nature of the mock accident is designed to help students understand the serious nature of poor choices and the negative impact these bad decisions have on lives,” School Community Relations Coordinator, Liz Robbins said.

The event couldn’t have been possible without the help of CareFlight out of Miami Valley Hospital, local police, EMS and the fire department. They volunteered their time in ensuring the event seemed real and not the actual “staged” process.

“The Student Senate is now organizing the event every other year so that all juniors and seniors will be exposed to this life-like event,” Robbins said.

“The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of drunk driving, discourage alcohol consumption, and promote a safe, fun prom weekend, “ Robbins continued. “The emphasis is on the importance of sobriety, safe driving and responsible choices.”

The student senate has been working with the community and agencies since January to organize and facilitate the event and ensure it was a success. The students were not required to attend the mock crash but the school found that the students were excited to participate and we touched by the realness of the demonstration.

“We just hope it helps everyone be safe during prom this weekend,” Baird concluded.

For more information regarding the mock trial or the event in general, please contact the Tippecanoe Student Senate at (937) 667-8448.

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