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Moby interviews on songwriting

Friday, February 21 marked the exceptional opening reception for Moby's phenomenal Innocents photography exhibition at Project Gallery in Hollywood.

Opening of Moby's photography exhibition "Innocents" at Project Gallery
Opening of Moby's photography exhibition "Innocents" at Project Gallery
Will Engel
Moby at Project Gallery
Lauren Cullen

The Innocents photography artwork connects directly with Moby's recent release of the Innocents album, which has received considerable, well-deserved acclaim for its impressive collaborations, textured sounds, and emotional music.

Moby sat down at the gallery literally minutes before the exhibition opening to take the time to talk about his music and photography. This conversation included his providing an inside revealing look at the songwriting process through the eyes of an artist who has sold more than 20 million records so far in his career.

W.E. How do you approach starting a song, the songwriting process?

Moby: Every song starts differently. Sometimes, very conventionally, like sitting down with an acoustic guitar playing the C chord. Sometimes, it's a weird old analog synth. Sometimes, it's a drum machine. Sometimes, with a vocal idea. Sometimes, it's a sample. So every song really has its own sort of odd unique genesis.

As Moby's words illustrate, there is more than one opening path towards transcendent music and Moby has clearly been on many of these paths. The inspirational Innocents exhibit continues though March 30, 2014.

More of the interview with Moby continues with part two.

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