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Moby interviews on digital photography: part four

Continuing from part three, this interview series with Moby concludes with his discussion of working with digital photography.

Moby's photography exhibit 'Innocents' at Project Gallery in Hollywood.
Moby's photography exhibit 'Innocents' at Project Gallery in Hollywood.
Lauren Cullen
Moby at Project Gallery in Hollywood
Will Engel

The photographs in his exhibit Innocents magnificently capture scenes of a post-apocalyptic world in awe-inspiring, large-scale images. Filling the gallery space with a larger-than-life presence, the photographs demand the viewer's attention to the deliberately disconcerting, dream-like imagery.

Lauren: Is all of your photography digital now?

Moby: Yeah, I grew up shooting film but, especially now, to print this big, I do have to shoot digitally.

Lauren: The large format of the photographs is remarkable.

Moby: I was talking to a friend of mine, a photographer. He was saying, and I sort of agree with this, that in the age of Instagram everyone is a good photographer.

One of the only things that professional photographers can do that Instagram photographers can't do is make huge prints. I love pictures taken with an iPhone. You know, people take amazing pictures with their iPhone. There's just not a lot of information there. You couldn't really print it more than like twelve inches by fourteen inches.

So, it is shooting digitally and then working a lot in [Adobe] Lightroom to really make sure that there's enough information to be able to print it real big.

'Innocents' will exhibit at Project Gallery in Hollywood until March 30.

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