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Mobility for U helps seniors, special needs see the world

Mobility for U just celebrated its first year in business.

“Year one was full of challenges and year two will prove to be even better. Many people have become members of the Mobility for U family which continues to expand. The main objective of our service is to provide freedom to seniors and people with special needs by allowing them to escape from confinement and get out into the world to enjoy life,” says company owner, Mike Flotken.

“And in return, I receive the greatest gift of all—the satisfaction that Mobility for U has changed the lives of our customers. Time after time, our clients tell me about how their loved one springs to life while on an excursion in Mobility for U van,” he adds.

The company rents out Toyota Sienna Minivans that are equipped with ADA accessories by Braun Ability on a daily, weekly or longer basis. Unlike the more typical transportation options available to seniors, Mobility for U vehicles are rented directly to the end users, who then use the vans to transport loved ones on their schedule. The vans are picked up at the Mobility for U office at pre-arranged times and are driven by a family member or friend. This provides complete freedom without the burden and expense of a long-term purchase, as they are rented on an as-needed basis.

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