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Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design
Mobile Web Design
Robbi akbari Kamaruddin

Consumers are on the go and it’s important for businesses to have a great mobile web design that has a friendly user response and is adaptive to different devices.

Mobile traffic is growing and according to a Pew Internet research on mobile technology as of January 2014:

• 90% of American adults have a cell phone
• 58% of American adults have a smartphone
• 32% of American adults own an e-reader
• 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

There is a rising amount of internet traffic within mobile usage and its steadily growing within the United States and Worldwide.

It is surprising then to realize that 1 out of 3 companies do not have a mobile-specific site according to a Strange Loop survey. This survey was done off of 200 top retail websites and it found that 68 companies, one out of three, did not have a mobile web design.

It is important that businesses make a transition to mobile optimized sites. They should talk to mobile web design developers when creating a website, so they don’t frustrate visitors with tricky navigation and slow web page loading times.

With E-commerce becoming a huge generating revenue stream for businesses it’s important for a mobile web design to feel like a native application and perform efficiently.

A great example of a great mobile web design is Style.coms' website. They use many web design techniques that have creative workarounds for a great user experience on different mobile devices.

It is important for businesses to align themselves with this rising trend and to make their businesses adaptive to the consumer marketplace.

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