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Mobile travel booking slated for growth

Now that travelers have conquered the online arena when booking their trips, tourism marketers are hoping that the next frontier is mobile. In fact, according to eMarketer, the number of people booking via a mobile device - which includes both smartphones and tablets - in the United States this year is slated to reach 33.5 million consumers, an increase of 27.5 percent. This jump in customer numbers is reflected in corresponding sales, which are expected to reach $26.14 billion, an increase of 59.8 percent.

Those are big jumps to be made in the seven and a half months remaining for the year when TripAdvisor’s “TripBarometer 2014” study is taken into account. The TripAdvisor study reveals that a mere 4 percent of travelers worldwide had booked their last trip via a mobile device. For travel and hospitality venues looking to boost their mobile sales, the offer of a better price (28 percent of mobile bookers cited this as the reason they booked) or a special offer (cited by 16 percent of mobile bookers).

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