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Mobile’s annual Daddy’s Girls Weekend

Carolyn Haines, writer and hostess
Carolyn Haines, writer and hostess
Carolyn Haines

It’s time to get ready for Daddy’s Girls Weekend to kick off this Thursday, April 3, 2014 at Mobile’s Battle House Hotel.

Daddy’s Girls Weekend was lovingly conceived by hostess and writer, Carolyn Haines. She and a friend decided on a combination approach to the conference, including aspects for both readers and writers to enjoy. Named after the ultimate Daddy’s Girl, Tinkie Bellcase Richmond of Carolyn Haines’ own Sarah Booth mysteries, the conference features a competition to choose the next Big Daddy. Tinkie’s creator herself described it best when she said, “Three candidate vie for the title of Big Daddy with lies, and promises, and threats, and bribes, and outright begging if necessary. It's all in good fun.” In the running this year are Greg Herren, a multi-published author from New Orleans; Dr. Ron O’Gorman, author of medical mystery “Fatal Rhythm” and local MD; and incumbent Dewitt Lobrano, whose talents include writing and fine arts. Find their bios and campaign promises for this year here.

A pirate theme will serve as the conference’s backdrop this year, and in addition to dressing up for a raucously fun pirate evening, participants will go on a treasure hunt in downtown Mobile. The first year’s theme was a peignoir competition. The annual theme reveal is highly anticipated and always tailored to be big on both fun and creativity.

Several experts are lined up to speak this year, addressing topics such as short stories, mysteries, children’s books, TV shows, movies, and more. An agent will be on site as well as a publisher and editors, each contributing to the table their own unique perspectives and talents. For a full schedule of this year’s events, click here.

New this year is a charitable focus. The conference will serve as a fundraiser for Good Fortune Farm Rescue, a 501c3 animal rescue that received a Banfield Charitable Trust grant last year. Low income families in rural Mobile County and neighboring George County benefited from the services of local veterinarians. There is a strong push for education and the benefits of spaying or neutering pets to help reduce the number of animals killed in shelters in southern states.

This is the conference’s 4th and final year at The Battle House Hotel, but plans are underway to give the event new life in different locales. Haines and her cohorts in mischief are open to requests and new ideas centered around the needs of readers and writers for future conferences. No matter the next beautiful venue chosen for the festivities, one thing is certain: a good time will be had by all.

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