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Mobile Marketing is the way of the Future

Mobile Marketing is the way of the Future
Mobile Marketing is the way of the Future
Dick Raman

Consumers want to do more and more on their phone. They will do most of their online activities on their phone in the future. Thanks to technology, we’re experiencing a major paradigm shift. The immediacy of mobile text messaging and social media is changing the way we as marketers should approach our campaigns. Providing spot-on relevant, just-in-time messaging and engaging in conversations with the customer is now more important than ever before. When publishing your Social Media content, it is most important to focus on Mobile.

We should take into account that most people will do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc from their phone. Our marketing campaigns should also utilize the special features a Smart Phone has. Besides the social media we can still use SMS Text Messaging in our campaigns. This old technology has gotten a second life on the Smart Phone, where it can be combined with photos and video. This is a very effective way to reach your target audience, since people are likely to open a Text Message on their phone. One word of caution though: there are strict laws in place to regulate the use of SMS messages and you have to make sure you can prove that the user voluntarily opted in to receive them.

Companies can easily see that more and more their website is visited from a mobile device. This requires them to create a mobile version of their website. Many companies have not done this. This will damage their Brand. Where in the past the website was the gateway to their brand, today with smart phones in the hands of 70% of Americans, the mobile website has taken over this role. When brands have to go through the trouble of creating a mobile website, they might as well think about creating a mobile App. An App for an iPhone or an Android phone is so much cooler than just a mobile website. And to have your business right on the phone of your customers is the dream of any entrepreneur. Customers will have direct access to you and your business and they will see you are at the cutting edge of technology.

Doing marketing campaigns with mobile coupons or offers that demonstrate your goal of providing the deal of the decade. Optimizing your website for mobile shoppers so that they can quickly navigate to your sale items – or be taken to your special offers from your SMS text or QR Code — will also make a difference when it comes to getting shoppers to click and buy.

Trying to reach new customers by email is almost impossible today. With spam being the bulk of email traffic, most people do not even open emails from unknown sources. As a tool to communicate with existing customers, email is not completely dead yet, but even here only a small percentage can be reached.

However, with a mobile App, you can send Push Notifications to the phone of anyone that has your App installed. These messages cannot be missed, since they remain on the display of the phone until the user clicks it away. Push Notifications nowadays can be nicely formatted with a picture, color, fonts, etc. which makes them more attractive and effective.

A new phenomenon is Geofencing. This is the establishment of a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When one of your App users enters or exits the area, you can set your App to push a message to the user. Thus, the geofence allows you to send location-specific messages to your fans when they’re in the area. This is very powerful! Imagine getting a message that you can get a free beer when you step into your favorite bar and it is just a block away...

It is now clear that Apps are going to be the way to position your brand. In fact for any business an App would be very desirable. Whether you are a restaurant or a bar, a law office or a plumber your own App helps you find customers and retain them.