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Mobile is the only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism

Mobile - The Only Mass Media With Built-in Payment Mechanism
Mobile - The Only Mass Media With Built-in Payment Mechanism
KTLLC Communications

In the 7th Mass Media channel - this discussion is the fourth in a seven part series outlining unique benefits one at a time from the top seven list of unique capabilities of mobile as a media for our St Louis, and extended audiences. Unique benefit number 4 - Mobile is the only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism.

This is perhaps the biggest key why mobile content is already far greater in value than fixed internet content, and why content owners fall in love with mobile. The money. For the first time ever, we can enable a "click-to-buy" button on a mass media, and get payments. Not just advertise to the customer but direct call to action. Actual purchase enablement.

This is a power that is barely grasped outside of mobile telecoms today. And before you say "but Paypal" - yes, Paypal. On the internet there is NO inherent ability to collect payment. NONE. Only by registering to Paypal, or providing a credit card, can you make purchases. That is lame. Only 10% of all internet users have a Paypal account.

This is a cumbersome work-around. Its as far, as any magazine ad which asks you to call a number with your credit card to buy whatever they are selling. But on mobile, it literally is click-to-buy. In fact, mobile is so powerful with this, that mobile payments are regularly used to collect money for other media. American Idol, Big Brother and other reality TV shows earn already billions per year from premium SMS votes.

Habbo Hotel collects most of its money - the teenager users do not have credit cards - from premium SMS. Radio stations, even print media collect revenues using mobile. For a credit card you need to be of age in most markets, but any age customer can get a mobile account - remember Habbo Hotel. Even pre-paid (top-up) accounts can be used for mobile payments, no problem. But that really is only the beginning. What if you had custom content for the 7th Mass Media. Let me tell you about Flirtomatic.

UK based converged online-mobile dating/flirting service, Flirtomatic, has innovated by which they make most of their money from the mobile users. Flirtomatic will for example let you send a virtual red rose - costing 23 UK pence per rose (32 Euro cents, 45 US cents) - to your flirting target.

How big is it? Out of their approx 100,000 registered users last year, Flirtomatic sold 3.5 million virtual red roses in 2007 and made 1.6 million dollars just with this digital innovation. In the process Flirtomatic became one of Britain's biggest florists as well.. Oh, its not the only thing they sell, Flirtomatic has dozens of cool dating/flirting related virtual objects and gifts and personalization.

For your success,

Keith Thorn


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