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Mobile is changing the face of the travel indusry

Mobile is changing the travel industry
Mobile is changing the travel industry

It seems like everywhere you look, people around you are on their smartphone or tablet - or even both. In fact, with over 25 percent of total U.S. travel bookings occurring via mobile by 2014* - accounting for $40 billion in revenue - statistics seem to suggest that rather than playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook, these people are actually booking or researching travel plans.

A report from BI Intelligence details some of the ways travel companies are adapting to an increasingly mobile world:

  • Instant Communication (or nearly). Desktop and mobile applications allow for regular communication with guests, though, for many, the communication via mobile is faster than via desktop.
  • Easy Payments. Companies are working to ensure that payments made via mobile are easier even than via a desktop with features such as one-time payment details and faster authorization.
  • Regular App Improvements. Travel companies are constantly taking what they have learned and applying it to upgrade, fix or even just change their mobile app to ensure a better experience for guests and potential customers.
  • Location Services. Many companies are utilizing location services to create a custom experience for guests. For example, someone researching a travel plan via mobile would receive reviews and rankings from customers local to the researcher.
  • Offline Services. To ensure that their site is helpful even when a visitor is not connected to Wi-Fi or a cell connection, travel companies are increasingly utilizing offline services such as city guides, site suggestions, etc.
  • Augmented Reality and Wearables. Obviously, these items have not reached critical mass yet, but many travel companies are ready for when they do with pre-developed hands-free augmented reality apps.

* According to PhoCusWright.

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