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Mobile Gaming War has started for Smartphones vs Tablets


The prices of the intelligent or smart phones have been decreased considerably and thus they are within the reach of the middle class in the contemporary age. The prices of the electronic Tablets, produced by various brands, have been have been reduced significantly too. The Tablets, better known as the Tabs, come with larger screen than the smart phones and thus you can use the Tablets much more comfortably than the smart phones, as far as the various types of advanced applications are concerned. More and more superior grade applications are being created in the prevailing age, which have made the tasks of millions around the world very easy and the users, who utilize the applications on their android phones, iPhones and Tablets, are able to perform multitasks with the help of the devices. You can play various types of exciting games on your smart phones and Tablets, for example Temple Run, Asphalt 5, Angry Bird, Candy Crush and many more, which are well equipped to act as efficient stress-busters for you. Android phones, iPhones and Tablets- all have touch screens, which makes a bit easy for the users to play the games.

But when it comes to the comparison, as far as playing the games more effortlessly and comfortably is concerned, then I think the Tablets have an edge over the smart phones. Although the smart phone manufacturers are trying their level best to stay afloat in the tough competition or better to say, “war” with the Tablet manufacturers, by introducing devices with faster and more efficient technologies, but still winning the “gaming war” with the Tablets, is still a distant thing for the various types of smart phones. The faster maneuvering of the gaming characters in the Tablets than in the smart phones is another reason for opting for Tablets over the smart phones, when it comes to playing different types of video games.

The online casino games, such as blackjack, poker and themed slots, the role playing games, such as RPGs, and the well-liked action games are doing good business in the market in the contemporary age. When you are playing the games, the visual part is very important. You need to be able to see all the characters and elements of the games clearly in order to play the games properly and enjoy to the fullest. Thus, you need a Tablet in such a case, as on a Tab the users are able to see the elements of the games in a magnified form.
The Google Nexus 4 smart phone screen measures to 4.7 inches and this is nothing as compared to 7 inches screen of Nexus 7 Tablet. Detailed graphics can be successfully experienced on the Nexus 7 Tablet, which is somewhat impossible on the Nexus 4 smart phone. You will also be able to acquire live dealer feed on a Tablet, which is not possible on a smart phone.

The screen resolution of a Tab is much better than a smart phone. The internal storage of the Tablets is generally much more than the smart phones. The Nexus 7 Tablet has 32GB internal memory, while the smart phone has an internal memory of 16 GB. Both the Tablet and the smart phone have a RAM of 2 GB. Internal memory is of paramount importance, when it comes to playing high end games. Thus, since the Tablet carries more internal memory, you should not have a doubt about the usage of Tablet over the smart phones for playing various types of games.

On the contrary, the average smart phones come with a screen size of maximum 5 inches, while the Tablets come with a screen of 7 inches and the screens are much wider than those of the smart phones. So, it is much easier to carry the smart phones than the Tablets, as you can see that smart phones are much more portable than the Tabs. So, it will be more feasible for you to take out a smart phone and play various types of games than take out a Tablet and do the same. More so, when you are playing fast games, for example slot machines, on the go.

But when it comes to strategy games, such as RPG games and other complex games, the Tablets wins the battle against the smart phones again. Many smart phones can be connected to the television and you can play games on the TV in that process. This provides you with the feeling of playing on a console. And here the smart phones have the better of the Tabs. The smart phones have huge amount of user base. The adaptations of the smart phones over the ages have been unparalleled.

So, you see, there is a cut-throat battle going on between the smart phones and Tablets, as far as adaptations of different types of games are concerned. The types of games and their suitability for various devices have also given them an edge over each other. But the battle has not ended as yet. Looks like a long one! So, keep yourself updated with the information about the devices before opting them for different genres of games.

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