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Mobile gaming in N.Y.

Mobile app usage
Mobile app usage

Mobile gaming has come into it's own in the last few years as a viable and profitable entertainment choice. With the advent of cloud storage and devices such as Apple's iPhone 5s, that were only concepts a decade ago, gaming on the go is now an everyday occurrence.

According to an article by ABI Research in March of 2013, approximately 56 billion smartphone apps were downloaded last year with Apple iPhone compromising 33% of the total. With New York having 12% of all new active iPhones nation wide, according to, it's safe to say that New Yorkers are avid on the go gamers.

Being a mobile gamer, the most essential component besides equipment is a connection to the web. One of the great things about living in a metropolis is access to the net. It is difficult not to find a signal or a free wifi hotspot somewhere in the city. Even some subway stations have cell coverage now and the network is growing.

A New York Times article from September 2013, states that the MTA is looking to add wifi and possible cell service to moving cars. This could be a boon for gamers. No more waiting for the train to go above ground or pull into a station with cell service to download the next level of Candy Crush!

With the choices for mobile gaming platforms being so varied, it's not surprising that the Apple iPhone is a popular choice in the mobile phone market. With it's steady OS, easy user interface and more than a million apps at it's disposal, along with it's many other features like Siri and calling people, the iPhone is a great choice for the casual gamer.

Of course there are mobile platforms built specifically for gaming, such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony Vita. But for those of us that simply want to pass the time and not carry an extra piece of equipment, the iPhone 5s has more than enough gaming to help us ignore the impromptu rapper or preacher sitting next you you on the train.

Mobile gaming with the iPhone 5s is easy, exciting and in many cases, free. We will explore more gaming with the iPhone in future articles. Until then... Game on!

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