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Mobile family dogs shot by police while chasing trespassing suspects

A family's two dogs were shot as police entered their yard while pursuing two suspects.
A family's two dogs were shot as police entered their yard while pursuing two suspects.
Spencer Platt/ Getty Images

Mark and Lynn Yeager of Claremont Street in Mobile, Ala. want to know why their dogs were shot by a police officer on Friday in their own yard as officers pursued trespassing suspects reported

One of the family's dogs, Alfred, was killed. The dog was 12-years-old, and according to the Yeagers' the dog was protecting his home when an officer started to shoot stating the dogs were aggressive.

“I understand that they’re trying to do their job. My dog was trying to do his job and there has to be a happy medium,” said Mark Yeager. “I don’t think they used good common sense.”

Earlier, the Mobile police had detained two suspects who then ran away. As officers chased them through the Yeager yard, the dogs allegedly went into their protective mode. That is when the officer fired off two shots.

The family's other dog was also shot, and is recovering.

Janet Carlson, of Miami, Fla., finds this particularly disturbing because it means police have the authority to just enter someone's property and shoot a dog even if the dog is doing what he was trained to do:

"Where does it all end if a dog is protecting their home, and police run through someone's yard, and the dog goes into aggressive mode because he's protecting his home?"

Rest in peace Alfred.

Internal Affairs is investigating. The Yeagers' plan to contact other city officials.

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