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Mobile concussion device developed by Bethlehem based commpany

Cerora, a Bethlehem based company, is hoping that its mobile concussion device will soon be in every football field sideline and high school nurses office.

The headset apparatus, which looks like a call center communication headphones, measures the brainwave bio-sensory data to evaluate concussions and can be read over a smartphone app.

The device, aptly named MindReader, will use objective data (by monitoring and mapping of actual brainwaves) versus current concussion test which use subjective data; such as vision and balance tests as evaluated by a doctor.

The company which is based at the Ben Franklin TechVentures, a state sponsored facility that provides reduced rate lab and office space. Ben Franklin contributed $50,000 and helped Cerora received early financing, which it used in developing its electroencephalogram (EEG) device.

The TechVenture is considering further financing for Cerora, as it is looking to make the headset less bulky and improving the technology. If it is successful, it could be used to evaluate mild concussion, which current CT and MRI scan can't even diagnose.

To assist in this endeavor, the company is working with Lehigh University and has used 34 of the universities student athletes as part of the 500 concussion cases needed for baseline testing and modeling.

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