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Mobile app growth provides excellent opportuniy for graphic design freelancers

Some examples of the characters Harvey Lanot of Lanot Design has created for past projects.
Some examples of the characters Harvey Lanot of Lanot Design has created for past projects.
Harvey Lanot

The popular phrase that Apple first coined and then later trademarked, "There's an App for That" is right on the money. These days there is virtually an app for everything and anything you can think of, and small businesses are now getting in on the action as well.

Many small businesses are creating apps as a way to stand out among the competition while providing their customers the ability to connect with them via an application. I previously created an infographic and discussed the importance of businesses being found on mobile devices through local SEO and responsive web design. Creating an application is taking it to the next level, and many businesses want to completely dominate the mobile sector with the addition of an application.

We have connected with some amazing graphic designers located all over the world through several projects that my company, Market Domination Media, has orchestrated for businesses. One particular encounter really stands out as it emphasizes the opportunity that the new app crazy is giving freelance designers all over.

A client wanted to create a fun mobile app game that rewarded players with coupon codes to their online store. It was a self promotion app, but they wanted it to have the look and feel of a top chart game in order to provide the user with a good gaming experience. In fact, they had a very specific character design in mind and that resulted in us seeking a graphic design freelancer that specialized in this specific style.

Through the search we connected with Harvey Lanot, owner of Lanot Design. He clearly specialized in the exact style that the client had in mind for the mobile app and he was brought on to handle the character design. Throughout the working relationship it became very clear that the app boom has really opened the door for many freelance designers, Harvey included.

Harvey is a 28 year old graphic design freelancer based in the Philippines, and he got started in the industry 6 years ago while in his third year of college as a way to make some extra money. His story is truly an inspiration and proof that location is not a complete handicap in the freelance design world. Good talent will rise to the top regardless of the geographical location of the artist thanks to the internet.

When Harvey first started doing freelance design work he didn't even own a computer. There were only two computers available for rent that had Photoshop installed and that is how he got his start in freelance design. That was six years ago, and today Harvey is regarded as one of the top mascot and character design freelancers, having worked with several companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

"In the beginning of my career there was the time zone issue, resulting in my clients receiving their project updates in the middle of the night, which was actually my daytime. So, I decided to work at night in order to be on the same time schedule as my clients, since the majority of them reside in the US and in Canada. I love working at night. I love the silence and the dark. It allows me to be more creative without any distractions."

Throughout the years I have worked with several freelancers on various projects, and it became extremely clear during this last project with Harvey that this application boom has really opened the door for some amazing designers located throughout the world.

Sometimes a single opportunity can be life changing, providing a path to continued success. What started out as a quest to find a freelance designer capable of creating a specific style of video game characters has turned into a new business relationship that will involve several new projects in the new year.

I only see the app market growing, and thus providing opportunities for graphic design freelancers that possess very specific skills.

Take a look at some of Harvey's video game character designs in the slideshow.

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