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Mobi is not science fiction
Mobi is not science fiction
KTLLC Communications

Mobi is the world's newest and most versatile media opportunity - that stays with people 24 hours per day! Mobi technology is not a single technology but a complete, end-to-end, broadband, wireless IP solution.

Lets first talk numbers in the big picture. Print is 500 years old and still going quite strong. Recordings, cinema and radio are all over 100 years of age as a mass media, give or take ten years for each. Also, TV is over 50 years old as a mass market medium. The internet is just over 17 years old.

The internet is already an adolescent "rebellious" teenager. Mobile is just maturing from a child to a young teenager.

There are 1.5 billion TV sets in the world. 900 million personal computers, desktops and laptops. The internet had 1.3 billion users at the end of 2007 but the mobile subscriber count had reached 3.3 billion (source ITU, 2008). Obviously not all mobile phone users consume media content today - but a massive 798 million of them were users of the "mobile internet" which includes WAP users. In 2008 was the cross-over point more users accessed internet content (including WAP) via a mobile phone, than via any kind of PC/laptop. Why know your history - KTLLC Communications

In the St. Louis metropolitan area, KTLLC Communications can effectively convert your current website to .mobi, or optimize existing website for mobile devices. The future is now - to be creating compelling reasons for people to engage with your brand and to aggregate audiences over time, when they can come to you when they are ready.Let's get ahead of the curve - today!

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Keith Thorn
KTLLC Communications