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Mobi - Unique benefit number 5

Mobi - Unique benefit number 5
Mobi - Unique benefit number 5
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St. Louis, did you know that mobile is only media available at the point of creative inspiration?

This observation of the fifth benefit comes courtesy of Tony Fish, the famed author of Mobile Web 2.0 etc. The point here is this -  that when we have a moment of creative inspiration, our laptop is safely tucked inside our briefcase and the digital camera is back in our home. But the cameraphone is always with us, ready to go. This is the fundamental key to citizen journalism. Once a good mobile blogging solution is offered, most bloggers prefer to do updates and read comments by readers immediately when they happen, via mobile, rather than waiting to connect to their blogsites when they are back at their laptops and connected.

And of the money in this? Take YouTube on the internet. They would love to be able to monetize user-generated video. But SeeMeTV the more advanced mobile video service on the Three/Hutchison networks across the globe has this solution figured out. They pay one penny of royalty to the original creator of the video whenever it is viewed by someone on a 3G phone on their network.

There is so much money in this, that in the UK for example, on SeeMeTV the average video creator gets paid 13 UK pounds (20 Euros, 27 US dollars) for others viewing that video. This is not a hit video. Any average user-generated video earns this much. The most popular videos earn thousands of pounds. SeeMeTV and its close clone on the O2 network, LookAtMe, have had over 32 million downloads of user-generated mobile phone videos - and have paid the original creators a total of 800,000 pounds (1.6 million dollars). If you think user-generated content and citizen journalism is the hot trend in media, then this is truly the future of mass media. Only on mobile.

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