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Mobb Deep's new LP 'Infamous Mobb Deep' art: What their return means to music

It’s being dubbed as the year of the musical comebacks for Hip Hop’s former legends, but none is bigger than the infamous Queens’s duo Mobb Deep’s return. Of course, as stated before, there still remains a chock full of heavyweights that will vie for popularity among the throngs of bamboozled hipsters upon their triumphant returns in 2014, and similar to that of Outkast, Havoc and Prodigy’s fan-base stood firm with undying support amidst the latter’s book controversy and the pair’s apparent riff, which nearly divided the long-time friends for good. Surprisingly, the two managed to set aside their differences and hit the studio for a heap of gritty recording sessions, which would result in a new LP, slated for a tentative release this coming March.

Mobb Deep's 'The Infamous Mobb Deep' artwork
via HipHopDX

Accompanying the project will be a worldwide tour, to which they recently unveiled the entire itinerary for, but what seems to be the kicker within all this extraordinary news, is that the very same album will consist of a bonus disc equipped with 10 unheard [remastered] gems from their Infamous days (also celebrating it's 20th year). In addition, Prodigy and Pledge Music have merged their innovative minds together, as the two sides are giving loyal fans an opportunity to be a part of this pending release – and by doing so, they launched a crowd-funding website where consumers can pre-order the record – plus have a chance to grab some extra goodies after donating. Eh, appealing enough?

So what does this mean for Hip Hop as a whole? Well, think this way. These guys were on the verge of beheading each other’s heads off for some nonsensical reason, and a future without all the millions of baby-blooming dunn-dunn’s not knowing a damn lick of the Mobb’s music is and would’ve been a complete travesty. We live in a world where the media has tainted our eyes and brains with all of Miley’s unwanted ‘bangerz,’ and we are sadly left with the frightening sight of an Amazon Ashley-type and good ole Hannah gyrating her tail bone for what exactly? To force feed us gimmicks? Mobb, the ‘Kast, and Capone-n-Noreaga (all of whom will be dropping LP’s this year) do not need a left-field tactic to swindle the wads of cash out of the pockets of puzzled listeners.

Instead, they go back to the essence of real Hip and Hop (sans the circus acts) and let the music speak loud and clear itself – and they wouldn’t have it any other way – it’s how and what they were taught. The generation gap is alive and well, people. But ultimately, you can save yourself from all of the seemingly horrid material, and kindly donate a dollar or two to the project, and then head here to purchase tickets for the Havoc and Prodigy experience this spring.

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