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‘Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo is a cheater

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Reality TV actress Drita D'Avanzo walks the runway at the Reality of FASHION the Reality of AIDS fall 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Altman Building on February 9, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Je
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Mob Wives” star and resident bad girl Drita D’Avanzo is really starting to make a name for herself. On the show she has quickly become the woman who stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t back down from anyone. Viewers have even watched her stand up to husband Lee. But, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry on January 30, Drita is a cheater.

Sources say that Drita and her husband don’t have a perfect relationship. That much is obvious since filming began with Lee in jail. Now that he’s out viewers don’t see him, but they sure hear him screaming plenty of times. The source tells CDL that Drita is in fact a cheater.

While Lee was in jail, Drita had a boyfriend named Marc. The couple didn’t just go on a few dates here and there, but that they were actually in a serious relationship for three years! The source says Drita did tell Lee about the relationship and it’s speculated that there may have been a divorce in the works.

However, Lee wasn’t having his wife hanging out with any other man but him. All Lee did was give a nod and Marc was jumped. Marc was beaten up so badly that he was hospitalized for two weeks. Drita went back to Lee and never spoke of Marc again.

It appears that Drita isn’t the tough girl she makes herself out to be. Maybe she’s just in a scary relationship and fears for her life when it comes to leaving Lee. What do you think?

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