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‘Mob Wives’ Drita D'avanzo confirms her return to season five of reality show

Drita D’avanzo
Drita D’avanzo
Mob Wives/Twitter

A Mob Wives cast member who is also a sweetheart is returning for another season. Drita D'avanzo is definitely one of the most interesting cast members of the show as she can be nice, mean and get her point across all in one sentence. That’s why fans have been watching very closely to see if she would be returning for another season. According to Reality Tea on Tuesday, the star is ready to return and share her life again with the cameras.

The world of Drita D'avanzo isn't easy and perhaps that is why the viewers really like watching her day-to-day life. She doesn't just manage, she makes things happen and it offers up interesting television. Another reason Drita is loves? She really does tell it like she sees it. There might be drama, but it is straight up and real.

Drita D'avanzo might have a new spin-off reality show in the near future too. The star won’t reveal details about the possible show (she can’t as she is under contract,) but there might be another look at her life and this time it would include her marriage, family and where she does outside of the Mob Wives show.

News that Drita D’avanzo is going to be in a fifth season of Mob Wives is delightful! Now all viewers need to do is wait for the season (and it is going to be a little while.)